Starting Small - How small? - At whatever level you can afford is an easy answer.

Maybe you should try being a Home Tutor first; maybe you know of a vacant office on offer for a song; whatever suits your circumstances and is an AFFORDABLE RISK.  Be very, very wary of anybody eager to finance your adventure at the expense of whatever else you own.

What do you get from starting small?  Experience.  You need business experience.  You need to retune your skill-set to knowing Customers and Suppliers every bit as well as you know your pupils.  Strengths and weaknesses. Reliability and flexibility.  Those who will accommodate you and those you must accommodate.  You will make mistakes, and you will learn from them.  Just as you would following the Franchise route. But it won't be as expensive as the Franchise route.

How do you scale up?  You will be doing just what the Franchising companies would demand, because it's all good advice - but remember, you'll be doing it just for yourself.


 -They require you to have their, (now YOUR,) image in the public's perception, by whatever advertising works for you.  

 - They require you to have viable premises and staff, meeting legal obligations. They require you to be secured and protected by appropriate insurances and registrations.

 - They require you to deliver their Schemes of tuition .. so you'll need your own.  But then YOU won’t, you'll have yours from "Starting Small!"

 - And check out our advertisers; they’re all verified by us.

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