My Franchise agreement gave a target that I budgeted on, to assess overall viability.  Some 3 months into the new opening I was commended for being on target, but my student numbers were only a tenth of the target!  Later another centre owner commented, ‘Everybody knows you'll not make any money for at least two years.’ So why didn’t they tell me?”

“After 2 years I couldn't afford to continue supplementing and paying the expenses from my other earnings.  I put the business up for Sale - they valued it at a tenth of my investment!

“We had our business for sale through the Franchiser for 6 months without success, then got an offer for the business provided it came without the Franchise connection.  The Franchiser claimed we had no right to do this and threatened legal action.  Utter rubbish!”

“My wife and I have been with --------------------------- for nearly 18 months now and have been assured we're doing OK  Now I've seen your publication I'm more than a little concerned about their reassurances my trade will build up to their ‘Target.’”   

“Their (franchising) operation is totally illegal; they should give you a two-week cooling off period but they get around this. They charge an initial fee that's non-refundable and demand full acceptance of their agreement, (and full payment!) before releasing "commercially sensitive" information. This turned out to be nothing more than  mundane business advice and company indoctrination.  When it came to sound Marketing information, we got nothing.”


* The comments you have just read may have put some of our contributors in breach of non-disclosure clauses in their Franchisee agreements.  For this reason we completely erase all records of contributions once submitted.  However if you wish to contribute to these pages  -  we do require reasonable proof of the integrity of the disclosure at the outset.

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