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Need a Windows based program for Student Records? Or ILPs?  Or Reports? Or maybe a Maths resource?.

Our Student Records Centre is a Student database and an ILP and Reports system.  

Our Multi-maths program is a Question and Answer generator, with automatic marking and results collation.  Each module has tiers of ascending skills and levels of difficulty.  Password-protected Tutor facilities include: Question by question review of the inputs and results; amend and record progress; plan detailed exercises for each individual student and / or free-ranging access. It currently includes - Numeracy, Percentages and Measures, Fractions and decimals, Trigonometry - inc. Reflections and transpositions, Algebra and Data & Chance

A library of Help screens are readily accessible as both a teaching aid and as reference material for the pupil.

SRC and Multi-maths are available as independent packages AND as an integrated installation.

Configured especially for the launch of TutorBusiness.co.uk - our Tutor Business package offers any new-start company the ideal Student management and Maths curriculum delivery in a 10 tutor : 150 student, “off-the-shelf,” integrated package.

Review all the features: www.TuitionSoftware.co.uk