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“They were adamant I had to locate in  -------------- I thought it odd she commented I would not have to pay out so much bus fare.  I was buying into a business certainty, right? Three years on I know what she meant; I couldn't afford the fares to my business location for over 2 years!”

“Eight months down the line our franchise manager congratulated us on reaching our targets - but with the school term ending we had just lost half our clients.  Our pupils were nearly all just brushing up for their GCSEs and now we can barely pay our expenses.”

“I've been with --------------- for two years now.  I took over an existing Centre that had ceased trading.  I've just spent £1400 on leafleting following their advice - it got me one new customer.  Overall, after two years, it seems the only thing getting me new customers is word of mouth, from people happy with MY tuition!”

“Selling-on my Business required a valuation from the Head Office and for them to market it for me.  I couldn't agree their valuation and insisted on something more realistic.  Three months later I capitulated to their derisive valuation; but nevertheless it's still for sale a year later.”

“I was interested in a Centre-based franchise opportunity and visited 2 Centres that were on the market.  Both were talking of having to upgrade to a next-generation branding and fit-out before the Franchiser would permit the sale.  Only later did I learn this next generation stipulation included an extra 10% fee liability, in a new franchisee agreement.  As their accounts were barely breaking-even without this, I went on my way!”

“Three months into my opening one of my advertisers asked what had happened to the ******  Centre, (just a mile away.)  Nobody had told me someone else had set-up and then closed - I wouldn't have taken the risk.  It turned out they were "Old school" who had walked out on their agreement due to a contractual dispute - apparently about 10% of the network had done or were doing this.  The Franchiser's response to this?  Sell their territories again but not bother to mention the new competition!  And were they, (the ‘Old School’) mad at me! They couldn't appreciate I was just another ‘Victim’ of -------


* The comments you have just read may have put some of our contributors in breach of non-disclosure clauses in their Franchisee agreements.  For this reason we completely erase all records of contributions once submitted.  However if you wish to contribute to these pages  -  we do require reasonable proof of the integrity of the disclosure at the outset.


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